Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mat Egan's 'Sinister Chopper' Street Machine Magazine. Sarah Lim - Photos Stefan Berg

This was the first bike I shot, and the first time I used digital. I Met Mat Egan at a bike show and asked if he'd mind me shooting his sled. He rolled up to the location with the bike and two models, so I figured he must be a good bloke. it worked out cool but give me a roll of film any day. These were published in Street Machine Choppers Issue.

'Drop The Gun' by Kings Of The Sun

Jeff Hoad's Iron Head Sportster ~ Photos Stefan Berg.

A couple of shots of Jeff Hoad, insane front man and guitarist with Kings Of The Sun. Looking every bit the rock star he is aboard his very cool Iron Head Sportster. Shot on Tri-x and a 20mm. Check Jeff in action in the 'Drop the Gun' clip.

'Road To Nowhere' by Kings of the Sun

Cliff Hoad's Valiant Coupe ~ Photos Stefan Berg

Another set of early black and whites I shot of Cliff Hoad's bitchin Valiant Coupe. A flamed Mopar, cheese cutters and a sun set, what more could you ask for. Shot on a single roll of tri-x and a 20mm lens. and mostly standing in water. Got stuck in the mud too. Check out Cliff's ridiculous drumming on the 'Road To Nowhere' clip ^ and his Road Runner.

55 Ford Mercury for Route 66. Desktop Magazine. Stefan Berg

I hadn't taken a photo in about 20 years but still had an old F1 Canon and some lens, so I bought three rolls of tri-x film and hit the road with my buddy Ross in his 55 Mercury and my next door neighbor Michelle. I didn't look at these shots till a couple of years later. I like em.
first thing I got published back in 2005